Module #1

Finding a House

Prior to actually going out and making offers, there are a few things you must do to prepare prior to getting out there, visiting properties, and making offers.

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Module #4

Factors to Consider

When making an offer on the home you're interested in, there are a few factors to consider.

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Module #7

Hiring a Contractor

The steps to properly hiring a contractor.

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Module #10


Writing up disclosures.

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Module #2

Finding an Agent

Not all Agents are a perfect fit. A person that worked well with one buyer won't necessarily work for you. There are a few standard things you should find out before you finalize your decision on which Agent you will hire.

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Module #5

Top 10 Tips

How do you make sure that your offer stands out when there's 5 other offers for the same house? Reach the end and you'll receive our bonus, #11, "silver bullet" tip that will definitely make your offer stand out!

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Module #8

Contractor's Contract

Guiding you through the process of creating a contract for your contractor. View a sample of the one we use!

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Module #11

Escrow & Closing

In the days leading up to closing, there are a few final steps that will take place. It’s imperative these go right, or you will have issues moving forward after closing occurs.

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Module #3


Everything you need to know about the mortgage process, with Laurence Beers, VP of Mortgage Lending.

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Module #6

Making the Offer

What to include in your offer package.

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Module #9


Step-by-step through the inspection process.

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Gina Michelle

LA's top producing Real Estate Agent

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