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Top 10 Ways to Make Your Offer Stand Out
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Select the right property using the factors we provide you

Properly estimate the costs to cure issues on the spot so you move fast and get that house

Use the proper contracts and techniques to ensure you hold your contractors to the highest standards  


Maybe the house you are looking at looks like this and you will be one of the 30 people making an offer.


Maybe the house looks like this and no one is making an offer. We'll show you what is no big deal and what to run away from.


Maybe you are looking at a goldmine and don't even know it. Is it safe to buy? How can you make money on this house like those flippers on TV? Is it risky? How can you reduce the risk?


I would recommend my friends and strangers that are going through difficult times with their housing problems to talk to Roman, he can help you work it out!

Roman was great. We looked for a property for many months and couldn’t find what we wanted or get it accepted once we did. Roman not only beat out another offer but got us $40k off the list price and all the necessary repairs covered fully by the seller.

It has been an experience working with Roman. I found him business-like, cordial, flexible, knowledgeable, and FUN! He was very reliable and I'm pleased indeed with him. A sincere person he is.

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